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leather bound books
Leather bound books dealer and resource for collectors. We offer online
sales and information about publishers of leather bound books. Specializing
in publishers Easton Press, Franklin Library, Gryphon Editions and
Palladium Press.

Additional listings of notable book series are provided by visiting the publisher page.
Leather Bound Treasure
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Leather Bound Books
We at Leather Bound Treasure have been a trusted dealer and resource for collectors of
leather bound books since 2002. It is our goal to promote leather bound book collecting by
providing detailed information about publishers including the Easton Press, Gryphon
Editions, Palladium Press and Franklin Library.

Browse our lists of the book series produced by each publisher by visiting the publisher
page or use our directories to find titles by category or your favorite authors.

Discover and enjoy the rewards of collecting modern leather bound editions as so many
visitors have before you.

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Easton Press
100 Greatest Books Ever Written, Signed First Editions, Signed
Modern Classics, Collector's Library of Famous Editions,
Library of Presidents, Great Books of The 20th Century, Signed
First Editions of Science Fiction, Masterpieces of Science
Fiction, Books That Changed The World, Horror Classics,
Library of Military History, Nautical Library, The Harvard
Classics, Library of Great Lives and many more!
Franklin Library
100 Greatest Books Of All Time, 100 Greatest Masterpieces of
American Literature, 25th Anniversary Edition of The Great
Books of the Western World, Limited First Edition Society,
Pulitzer Prize Classics, Collected Stories of The Worlds Greatest
Writers, World's Best Loved Books, Greatest Books of the
Twentieth Century, Franklin Mystery Library, Signed Limited
Editions, Signed First Editions, Greatest Books of the World's
Greatest Writers, Heirloom Library of the World's Greatest
Books, Family Library of the World's Great Books and Oxford
Library of the World's Great Books.
Gryphon Editions
Classics of Medicine, Legal Classics, Notable Trials, Classics of
Liberty, Classics of Science, Classics of Surgery, Classics of
Neurology & Neurosurgery, Classics of Ophthalmology,
Classics of Cardiology, Classics of Obstetrics & Gynecology,
Classics of Pediatrics, Classics of Psychiatry & Behavioral
Sciences, Classics of Dentistry and Medical Biographies.
Palladium Press
Firearms Classics Library, Library of American
Freedoms, Theodore Roosevelt Classics Library and
Frontier Classics Library.